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For those who are not aware of what ABS plastic is, it is actually one of the most popular materials used nowadays by most companies who want to have a strong and sturdy body for their items. Most common companies who use the ABS plastic will be the ones in the automotive industry.

The ABS plastic can be used together with a chrome finish and shows the following characteristics:

  • Promote durability and strength
  • Produce a flat silver finish
  • Have a sheet that is no doubt to be wear resistant, and corrosion resistant.
  • Provides easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Can be buffed in order to make the outer surface shinny and lustrous.

What is ABS plastic in general?

These particular ABS Plastics surely have positive aspects much more than metals in some circumstances, due to the fact that these are typically light-weight as well as manageable, and also quick and easy to fabricate type of material.

On the other hand, plastic-type material are not able to get hold of the actual sought after high-quality, glossy surface finish concerning metal, which is actually a negative aspect for quite a few applications, including the automotive market sector. Not until it was subsequently identified that electroplating would certainly provide into the plastic material factors the wanted functional features, uncomplicated cleanup up and also effectiveness against deterioration associated with solid sheet metal.

As a result, the actual polished off pieces possessed each of the impressive characteristics regarding both the ABS plastic and also chrome. Given that, the ABS plastic or better known as Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene copolymer, happens to be the most well-liked content material intended for motor vehicle essential accessories.

In most cases, electroplating comes about as soon as a physical object, or perhaps substrate, is actually immersed inside a chemical bath which contains contaminants belonging to the plating material suspended inside it. Some sort of power is simply passed throughout the substrate, while the reverse power is passed throughout the bath, which in turn charges the actual sheet metal ions and results all of them to go through the substrate.

However, the problem alongside electroplating non-metallic substrates, such as what the ABS plastic is, is usually the fact that they are certainly not as electrically conductive. And for that reason, the ABS plastic alone cannot be coated with the same style as the real metals.

ABS Plastic with Chrome

To take care of this issue, the actual top of the plastic is micro-etched with chromic acid solution, which usually, whenever put together when using the strategy of electrolysis plating, offered an extremely conductive plating coating with adequate adhesion towards the substrate.