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Any car top cargo carrier is without a doubt one nice fully functional accessory that you can have in your car, regardless if you have an SUV or a sedan. Its function will be highly appreciated when you need to travel with the whole family who is bringing a lot of stuff. Instead of carrying the entire luggage inside the car, which will just consume a lot of space inside, the car top cargo carrier will surely reduce the needed space of up to half.

But what will you do in the event that your carrier broke? Buying a new set may cost a lot. So what you can do is to examine it first, and try to see if it can still be fixed or perhaps only a few parts needs to be replaced. One of the most common damages that may happen to your carrier will always include cracks.

Cracks happen in case you have dropped your carrier accidentally, or perhaps you have under calculated the height of your car against the height of the driveway ceiling. If these untoward events happen, you may check first if the damage is still amendable or if it already requires complete replacement.

Anyway, listed below are some tips on how to mend a broken carrier, in case a simple crack occurred:

  1. Examine the actual part where the crack is, and press it to keep them flat together.
  2. Get a sand paper (the one with the 120 grit) and sand the inside portion of the carrier.
  3. Make use of a fiberglass resin and spread the mixture on top of the crack.
  4. You may want to apply the resin until you think that it is already enough to hold the crack.
  5. Let it dry.

Make sure that you fix any cracks anywhere in your car top cargo carrier. You don’t want any water or liquid to get inside your carrier while your bags are in it.

But then, in case you are not able to mend the crack, and you are not confident enough to do it on your own, what you can do is to bring your carrier to a professional fix where they can do the fixing for you. This will allow you to not worry about the performance and the quality of your carrier. Hiring a professional who can fix the carrier for you is definitely cheaper as compared to buying the whole set again.