Car Roof Bag Comparison

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Compare the best car roof bags using this sortable comparison chart. These are all the car roof bags that we have reviewed recently.

ImageModelLengthWidthHeightWeightCapacityMountingLockableConstructionPrice Range
Thule Ranger 90 Car Roof BagThule Ranger 90 Car Roof Bag43.3"31.5"15.7"15.4 lbs.12 cubic feetEasySnap systemyesWeather resistant, taped seams$200-$299
Thule 867 Tahoe Rooftop Cargo BagThule 867 Tahoe Rooftop Cargo Bag41"34"18"10 lbs.17 cubic feetStraps/BucklesnoWeather resistant, taped seams$100-$199
Thule Quest Cargo BagThule Quest Cargo Bag40"32"18"6 lbs.13 cubic feetStraps/BucklesnoWeather resistant, taped seams$50-$99
Highland 10396 Car Roof Bag & Rainproof CoverHighland 10396 Car Roof Bag & Rainproof Cover34"15"14"12.5 lbs.8 cubic feetStraps/BucklesnoWeather resistant$50-$99
Sherpak Go! 15 Car Top Cargo BagSherpak “Go! 15″ Car Top Cargo Bag45"37"15.5"9.6 lbs.15 cubic feetStraps/BucklesnoWeather resistant, welded seams$100-$199
Rain-X 161040 Water Resistant Roof Top Cargo BagRain-X 161040 Water Resistant Roof Top Cargo Bag36"36"18"7.4 lbs.15 cubic feetStraps/BucklesnoWeather resistant$50-$99
Lund 601016 Soft Pack Roof Top BagLund 601016 Soft Pack Roof Top Bag39"32"18"6.7 lbs.13 cubic feetStraps/BucklesnoWeather resistant$50-$99
Keeper 07203 Waterproof Roof Top Cargo BagKeeper 07203 Waterproof Roof Top Cargo Bag44"34"17"5.4 lbs.15 cubic feetStraps/BucklesnoWeather resistant$50-$99

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