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We have recently published several car roof bag reviews. We wanted to review several alternatives to the popular hard shell car top carriers that this site focuses on.

New Car Roof Bag Section

We encourage you to investigate the car roof bags in more detail if you are looking for ways to expand the luggage capacity of your vehicle without spending the money that a hard shell carrier can cost. Of course the hard carriers can be more weatherproof or security minded (all hard shell carriers have locks). But not everybody necessarily needs those features.

Also throw in the fact that the roof bags can usually be rolled up and folded for easy storage, and you can see that there are some key differences between the hard carriers and the roof bags.

No matter what you choose, all the models that we cover can be good options. It just comes down to your own personal preference in regards to cost, convenience, weather-proofing and security.

Comparison Charts

For more details regarding how the hard car top carriers and the car roof bags compare to each other, check out our convenient comparison charts to compare features and potential costs: