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Have you ever traveled, and tried to pack a bunch of gear on top of your car? If you tried to do this without any sort of container, bag or pack of any sort, you probably found that it was a little awkward.

The first time I ever used a car top carrier to haul some extra luggage on a camping trip I was simply amazed by how much easier it made the whole traveling process. I didn’t have to worry about tying things down carefully, or about packing things in the best way to resist wind and weather. I simply loaded everything into the container on the top of my car, latched it up, and headed down the road. No ropes to tie, no tarps to stretch over everything. It was pretty sweet.

What we have done on this web site is put together a bunch of reviews of our favorite car top carries. These are the ones that you will want to look at if you are considering purchasing something to help carry extra luggage or supplies on the top of your car, suv or minivan. These are our favorites. They all have happy buyers and plenty of good feedback from owners to help make a solid buying decision.

We hope that no matter what route you take, that you are happy with the car top carrier that you select for your own use. It will put a smile on your face during the packing and unpacking process of road trips. At least it did for me.