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So, you love your car top carrier right? You are now able to head down the road with way more luggage or camping supplies than you used to.

However, now that you are back at home and not in need of this cargo box until your next trip, where are you going to store it?

These things can take up a lot of space in your garage. There really is no easy way to condense or fold down a large, hard plastic box for easy storage.


However, there is one trick you could use to at least keep it out of your way more easily – store it in your rafters or hang it from the garage ceiling.

Yep, storing in the rafters might be kind of obvious, but hanging from the garage ceiling is maybe something you hadn’t thought of.

Hang the car top carrier from the ceiling

You could simply drill some hanging loops into your garage ceiling and then hang the cargo box from the ceiling with cords or ropes. These cargo boxes aren’t very heavy in most cases so it wouldn’t take too much of a hook and cords to be enough to secure it to the ceiling.

Hang it on the wall

Some cargo boxes also have mounting brackets or bars underneath that might lend themselves to easily hanging the cargo box on the wall on a certain sized hook. It might be worth it to take a look at your particular cargo box and see if it has a few places (probably at least two points) where a hook could be used to hold it to a wall. This could allow you to mount the cargo box on the wall in a way where it is easy to pull it down or hang it up again for storage without much effort.

It really doesn’t matter too much what technique you decide to use, you’ll need to see what works best for your storage situation. Either way, just keep it accessible.

No matter which option you choose, you are going to get the most benefit from your storage techniques if:

  • It’s easy to take out of storage to attach to your car
  • It’s easy to put away after traveling

You definitely want to avoid burying the carrier into a corner where you can’t access it very easily. You should also resist the urge to store other “non-traveling” stuff in the carrier when not in use on your car, this will save you the trouble of having to shuffle “stuff” in and out of your carrier when using it or storing it.